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Q: What if I haven’t been singing for years and get a wobbly,

out of tune voice while practicing? Any tips to correct these problems?

A: Yes! There is a group voice lesson the last Wednesday of each month for all choir members.

I can address specific issues like this, and give the gang a 'toolbox' of vocal tips that really work!


Q: How many people are in the choir and where do they live?

A: We are about 70+ voices strong.

Most members live in Ottawa, Ontario, but many are across Canada, the US,

and we even have a couple of members in Peru!

This is the beauty of a Virtual Choir; you can be anywhere.


Q: I am not very technically savvy. How do I get help with navigating the folders and the uploading of songs and videos?

A: It can seem overwhelming at first, but everything is mapped out clearly.

If there are still some challenges for anyone, we have a couple of 'Computer Gods' who are

willing to assist with tech issues.  It doesn't take long to adapt.


Q: Will the group get together in person some day?

A: Yes, fingers crossed!  My #1 priority is the safety of us all, so,

until we get the go-ahead from our government, we will continue to meet virtually. 

When we do meet, it will likely be in Ottawa, with a branch in Vancouver.

email Lee: lee@leehayes.ca