Friday, October 15th, 2021


Singing through the break; this has been my obsession this past summer!

I had a very small range when I first began singing in public; maybe an octave and a few more notes, and then my voice would 'break'.  Or squeak.  Or go flimsy and shaky.  I envied and admired anyone who had vocal control, who could hit the high notes with confidence and deliver without wondering what horrifying sound might emerge, especially when singing in public.

It took many years, many different voice teachers to navigate my way through my break, and to find my power.  I finally found a teacher who knew what to do with my fragile voice in the late 80s/early 90s, and this was my springboard into 2+ octaves, more if I am singing classically.  But I learned the most from teaching people who just wanted to sing better, not be a pro.  It was eye-opening.  And it's one of my favourite things to do now; to help someone who thought they couldn't sing well (or even at all) find a way to their voice.


Singing is for everyone!

Wednesday, September 29/2021

Today's two cents: I often reflect on my journey as a musician...


I began as a singer/songwriter in the 80s, and pursued that path for many years.  I segued into teaching, slowly at first, and then in the early 2000's my teaching snowballed and became my primary career.

Here's my realization; I am far more connected with people now that I teach.  Performing was more solitary; I was reaching people, but from the distance of the stage.  It is easy to feel isolated.  These days, even with a pandemic, I connect with individuals; I get to know them.  We are all creating, and it's an incredible rush to have that collective energy.