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Rob Cosh & Lee Hayes

The 613 Casual Choir!


     People, you can still get your 613 CC fix!

     The 613 Casual Choir is meeting VIRTUALLY on ZOOM!



email Rob or Lee for details: 

Check out our first two virtual videos!

What is the 613 Casual Choir?


The 613 Casual Choir is led by dynamic duo Rob Cosh (guitar) and Lee Hayes (vocal). 


Pre-pandemic, we met every 6 weeks on Thursday nights at the One Up Room in Ottawa, from 7-9.


We learn two pop songs a night; lyrics are handed out at the door.  Lee teaches the room to sing the song, line by line, tosses in some harmonies, and presto!  We have an instant choir.  It's a great way to try out singing with a gang, without the weekly commitment of a regular choir.



   1. We post the teaching videos and lyrics a few days in advance.

   2. On the night of the event, participants will receive a Zoom link.


   3. Grab your fave cocktail, your lyrics,

       and we all learn the song, plus harmonies!

   4. Participants are invited to send a vocal mp3 afterwards

       to be included in the final video.

Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite.


links are on the 613 Casual Choir facebook page:               

or at the 613 Casual Choir website:

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